Founded in 2008 by singer and lead guitarist Dom R. Crey, NOTHGARD drag along the winning ways since their debut album “Warhorns Of Midgard” from 2011. The high technical quality of their guitar work and the epic orchestration of their Melodic Death Metal elates fans and critics alike. In 2014, the band released another epic milestone of deadly Metal, memorable melodies and influences from both neo-classical and folk music called “Age Of Pandora”. In the meantime, NOTHGARD became members of the NoiseArt Records family, who will escort their new masterpiece “The Sinner's Sake” on the band's way to the top of the Melodic Death Metal throne.

“Great riffing with powerful vocals and enough melodic elements to make the band very interesting!
Awesome mashup of metal genres with well executed material to please every metalhead from melodic to thrash and beyond!”