Help and FAQ

How can I pay at Merchanguys?

  • Paypal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Advance Payment (shipping after incoming payment)
  • Direct Debit (up to a merchandise value of €50,00 - german bank accounts only)

You can transfer money to us in different ways, but always state your order number and the reason for payment. Our bank account in Germany is:

3dsupply GmbH & Co. KG
IBAN: DE28480501610023192578
Sparkasse Bielefeld

PayPal payments are directed to [email protected]

Customers from other countries than Germany have to bear the possible banking costs. We don’t charge VAT for our customers in Switzerland, those are charged upon recite by the delivery company at your home.

Decide for yourself. If you choose DHL/letterpost, we can post your order to a Packstation near you. UPS doesn’t have access to those stations but will deliver your package to every other mailing address you like.

Shipping and handling inside Germany is graded. Up to €12,00 order value shipping is €5,90, above that it is €4,90. From €80,00 up shipping is free.

We made a list of all the countries we deliver to, the minimum order value, and the costs thereby incurred. All the information you need on foreign shipment is compiled in this list.

You get an email every time the status of your order changes. When your order is placed with us, when your payment is received, the minute your item is produced and the second it’s on its way to your desired address.

You keep waiting for our mails? ›Spam filter‹ are the magic words. That’s the little sucker that keeps hiding your emails before you can set eyes on them.

It wasn’t the spam filter? Please drop us a line with your order number at [email protected]. Our friendly support will be happy to help you.

The moment your payment is received, we will start producing your merchandise for you. Usually your order will arrive at your desired address within three business days. If you chose ›advance payment‹, you may have to wait a little longer since we can only process your order when your payment is received.

The status of your order is available for you to check as a link in your confirmation email or also in your customer account.

As soon as your order is picked up by the delivery company, you will automatically get an email with an individual tracking number. There is one exception if you order one shirt or one small item only. Those mailings will be sent through Deutsche Post as a letter and are not traceable.

Exchange and returns

In case you received a faulty product, a wrong product or if you wish to exchange your order you can initiate a return shipment through your Order Overview. You can find the link to the overview in your dispatch/order confirmation.

In your package, you will also find a return note. If you lost this note (or for whatever reason it wasn’t included), you can print another one from this Link

Fill in the note as accurate as possible so we know where the package comes from and what we have to do to make you happy. It is important for us that you give us the order number from your delivery note or your customer account as well as the reason for your return and if you want to get a refund or another item. Stamp your package sufficiently and send it back to us within 14 days.

More information on this topic you will find in our general business terms under §4.

Please don’t send us a package without sufficient stamping, because we won’t accept it in any case. In addition, more costs can incur for you that way. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding your package, send us an email with your order number and our friendly support will be more than happy to help you out: [email protected]

Our garments

We love what we do and want to offer you high-quality textiles as a basis for your merchandise. We’re mindful of manufacturers that ensure a sustainable production and attach great importance to fair conditions.

An overview of all items and colors is available for you to look at on our textiles info page. You will also find a chart of all sizes, available colors and the correct fit of our offered items. Take a stroll through our gallery and have a look how the textiles fit to real humans.

Are you searching for something special or want to design a limited edition, just tell us and we’re happy to brainstorm ideas with you. Drop us a line at [email protected]

B&C as well as Stanley & Stella produce most of our textiles. Read what they have to say about themselves.


No compromise at Belgium manufacturers B&C: All t-shirts, polo shirts, or sweatshirts are Öko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. As a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) B&C obliges to strict observance of social standards in all countries providing the materials for manufacturing their textiles.

  • Certificates and seals: Öko-Tex® Standard 100, GOTs
  • Memberships: BSCI, FWF, REACH, Fairtrade

Stanley & Stella

The trending label Stanley & Stella is more than a producer of eco-textiles. Stanley & Stella is the latest craze as far as apparel is concerned. They combine absolute wearabilty with a lacing of Rock’n’Roll and a deeply environmental conscience. From the organic cotton farmer to the manufacturer, the label chooses only to work with those partners who ensure a sustainable and ecologically impeccable behavior as well as a respectful commerce with their employees and made sure that those standards are maintained

  • Certificates and seals: GOTs, OCS and OCS Blended, Öko-Tex® Standard 100, Reach

Our embroidery and printing techniques

The name already tells you everything you need to know. With our printers, we are able to print your designs directly on the fabric in multi-color and high-resolution. This technique is not too different from your paper printer. After the printing process, the print is fixed to be more durable. With this technique, there are almost no limitations as far as number of colors or resolution is concerned. Learn more about digital T-Shirt priniting here

direct to garment digital printing

With the Flex print, your design is cut out from a special kind of foil by a machine and transferred with the help of a mechanical press to your desired item. With this technique there is a limit to colors possible, also color gradients and grating is not possible (again, we’re happy to help you find the perfect printing method). Pin sharp edges and single-colored areas mark this method.

For a Flock print, a different foil is used that is thicker and with a velvety touch to it. Flex foil is distinctly thinner and more elastic. Both types of foil have in common that the printing is highly lightfast and durable. As a rule, you can say that the print will be fine even if the textile is already falling apart.

vinyl flex and flock garment printing

With our embroidery machine, we can refine your merchandise in high quality. The textiles are inserted into the machine and the design data is entered so it can be applied on the fabric. Where the embroidery is placed is up to you and even multi-colored 3D embroidery is possible. For this technique, a little ›Puffy‹ is used and sewn-in to get a relief-like look.

Produce merchandise and sell it with Merchanguys.

It’s pretty easy and we will even help you to do so. With every item sold at Merchanguys, you earn money with your merchandise just like if you sell it at a gig. No matter if you sell a shirt, a cap or a bag, you will get 30 % commission of the net sales price. You don’t have to sell a minimum number of items to earn your share. Set up an individual shop site with a little help from us and sell your designs. It’s free of charge and you earn money from the first item sold. For more information check out our ›How to‹ page.

Your payout happens automatically on a monthly basis. If you like, we can discuss payment to every other date you like. You are free to choose. You can log in to your customer account at Merchanguys and have a look at your sales history and your current orders at all times.

No. We are confident our services are satisfying and therefore we leave it to you if you want to shut down your shop. Also we are free to produce merchandise with other companies alongside our collaboration. We think you won’t want to once we established our relationship.

Keep looking… there is none! All joking apart, there is no risk for you at all. Start your own merchandise shop now and you will see for yourself. Should there be anything you’d like us to change or you you have an suggestion to improve our service, feel free to send us an email any time.

Sure. You can buy your own merchandise with favorable conditions. There are almost no limits as far as colors, sizes and textiles are concerned. Order the quantity you need and we will take care of it whether it’s 10 or 500 pieces.

Here you will find all Infos on how to set up your artwork for printing. If you don’t know what all of this means or you don’t even have a design for your band yet, feel free to contact us at [email protected].