How it works at Merchanguys?

Send us your design…

…and with a little support from us you are only a few clicks away from your own shop site.

  1. upload your design and we will check it for you
  2. decide which textiles in what colors you want to offer
  3. provide a short bio for you or your band on the shop site
  4. we will take care of professional product images and photos

You as an artist/a band decide what colors or textiles you want to print your merchandise on. Every piece is hand printed by our team in Germany and we will take care of your product photos as well as a professional and harmonic appearance of all the products in your shop. No part of this process will cost you anything. You will be able to offer your merchandise to fans throughout Europe in no time.

Your fans can order throughout all of Europe…

…and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

  • we feature you as an artist on our welcome page
  • we take care of hosting, production, delivery and payment
  • our friendly support will answer any request or return
  • you have a personal contact person

Let us take care of the production process - we pay great attention to detail. Our staff works hard to get you the textiles you like as well as printing and finishing them. Also, payment and shipment are our concerns now. Packaged carefully and sustainable every order will leave our warehouse the same day it is ordered (the next working day at the latest). That way we are saving you the annoying walk to the post office and the checking of your bank account for incoming payments. Should there be a product not holding up to your expectations we have a friendly support to sort out all your requests and exchanges.

No risk!

The catch you are looking for does not exist

  • world-wide login gives you full transparency and an overview of your sales and your winnings
  • bestelle bequem und zu fairen Konditionen Merchandise für deine Tour, oder auch nur einen Gig.
  • we send you samples for free
  • earn 30 % from of every sale
  • leave the work to us

On-demand production is our strength. We will print only those pieces that were actually ordered by you or your fans so there is no risk of overproduction and ‘dead merch’ piling up in your rehearsal room. Open up your own shop with a little help from us and earn your share with the first piece of merchandise sold. We transfer your winnings on a monthly basis and you can watch your bank account grow.

Start your own shop!