On demand production

Here at merchanguys.de, we manufacture your merchandise on demand. Meaning, we begin printing the tee after we received an order. This way, we can offer you a broad variety of printable garments without the need to stock. With our optimized process, we are able to ship finished merchandise within 48 hours after payment during weekdays. Usually we are faster though.

Direct To Garment Printer

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG)

Tees, Hoodies and other textiles are printed with the direct to garment method. DTG is one of the latest technologies in textile printing. You can picture the procedure like an oversized inkjet printer, just with tees instead of paper.

The DTG-printers utilize five colors (CMYK + white). That way we have the ability to produce every conceivable artwork on textiles. From multi-color images with intricate color gradients to high-definition photo printing. The possibilities are manifold while preparation of the print is effortless compared to screen printing. Without the need to produce film and screen for printing, we are able to offer you good prices even for smaller quantities.

The printed textiles are of course washable and colorfast, so your fans can enjoy your merch for a long time. The ink used is certified by Oeko-Tex® with the international safety standard ›Eco-Passport‹ and thus harmless, even for toddlers.

Here you can find help for creating printable files

Embroidery merchandise


In addition to DTG-printing, we offer you embroidered textiles. With our fully automated embroidering machines we are able to stitch single- and multicolor artworks onto most textiles. You can select everything, from a small logo on a tee to elaborate 3D embroidery.


If you need lots of Merchandise

You need to restock your merch stand before the next gig? No problem! With our partners, we can offer you larger quantities of inexpensive screen printed garments in short notice. Just get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.