Creation of print files for DTG

For our direct-to-garment (DTG) printers and on-demand service, we need a print file from you that have certain requirements. Below you find a short guideline about the most important specifications a file needs for successful printing.

Here you can download a ZIP-Archive with Phtoshop and Illustrator Templates

Image size 5046 × 5754 pixel
equal to 356 × 406 mm (w × h) at 360 dpi
Color Profile sRGB
File format Transparent PNG-24


The image needs to have a size of 5046 x 5754 pixel. This equals a size of 356 x 406 mm at 360 dpi. Dots per inch (dpi) is a measure for the picture resolution. A higher dpi results in a sharper image. Of course the printable area of a textile depends on the space it offers, for instance when comparing a size XXL with a size S tee. We adapt the image to the actual printable area. Note, that printed visual can differ slightly due to scaling effects

Photoshop new file for DTG printing


Our DTG-printers require the sRGB color mode for an accurate interpretation of the colors needed. Black (0/0/0) and white (255/255/255) have to be black and white in particular. That is the way to achieve an optimal print result. RGB stands for red green and blue, their mixture making up the final colors.

Mind, that colors do not match exactly the presentation on your computer screen. To avoid bigger discrepancies, you should somewhat increase the color saturation in your design.

Photoshop convert color profile


It can be a little tricky to find the right balance between transparency and opacity in your design. The DTG printers are able to print transparent ink, but most designs need to be printed on a white underbase to make sure darker colors are equally vibrant on all color textiles. So when using transparency in your design, make sure to keep in mind that the underbase may shine through. You also have to make sure, that no color information is left in transparent areas of the image.


The size and placement of your design within the image determine the size and place on the printed product. We scale the design size accordingly with smaller or bigger size textiles. But still, the ratio of print and textile is always somewhat different. The top of the printable area starts roughly 5cm below the collar. Below you can find examples of the placement and size on the printable area for each, a men’s size L shirt and a girly shirt size M.

DTG Shirt Druck Platzierung und Größe