The Disaster Area

THE DISASTER AREA is creating fresh metalcore and melodic hardcore that stands out from the scene with creativity, authenticity and first of all emotionality.

Having played club shows and festival gigs all over Germany, the five-piece metalcore band from a small city near Munich can attract an audience beyond any boundaries of the scene. THE DISASTER AREA shared the stage with international bands like BRING ME THE HORIZON, BURY TOMORROW, MADBALL, NOVELISTS, OCEANS ATE ALASKA, SECRETS, OUR HOLLOW OUR HOME and DESASTERKIDS.

THE DISASTER AREA has not only gained a nationwide live-fanbase but also understood how important social media is nowadays. With 50.000 followers on all social media platforms and 70.000 plays on their video ‘Moments’, THE DISASTER AREA shows that they can attract attention like a well-established band.

And now they have teamed up with the merchanguys to bring you the freshest merch with outstanding quality and great looks.